Small Organisations and Risks

Taking time to work on your business and not only in your business is essential’

‘Re-focusing on business critical areas through the ‘Organisational Health Check / Risk Assessment’, is an excellent starting point’

Many small business leaders are so busy being involved in delivering the services their business provides that they overlook the need to pause to make strategic decisions, to take time to review risks in and to the business, and to consider if there are more effective ways of working. Some find it difficult to decide where to start.

‘Your HR Business Partner Ltd’, a recognised Growth Voucher Adviser, can take this burden off a business leader by undertaking an Organisational Health Check and Risk Assessment leading to a bespoke report that maps risks, solutions and timing, based on your business’ circumstances and your aspirations for the business over the next few years.

Take control of the risks to your business, review your goals and adjust plans accordingly.

No business or not-for-profit organisation is too small for an Organisational Health Check and Risk Assessment. Even sole traders will benefit from such a review.

The Organisational Health Check and Risk Assessment identifies and highlights risks to the business as well as strengths, detailing:

  • Risks to the organisation, their potential level of impact and the level of urgency, and pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to how risks could be controlled and minimised.
  • Areas that are working reasonably well but that would benefit from being developed to meet good practice and deliver higher efficiency, and pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to how this could be done.
  • Strengths, and how these could be expanded.
  • How your business or organisation can become an employer of choice, employing a happy, healthy workforce and how you can use this to attract and retain committed staff that fit your organisational culture.

This leads to stronger and healthier organisations that

  • Develop strategic business planning and good practice
  • Improve management capacity to make informed business decisions.
  • Improve budgeting, financial controls, and long term business sustainability
  • Reduce risks to the business
  • Create opportunities for growth and job creation

Up to £2,000 match funding from the government’s Growth Vouchers scheme may be available to your business, subject to terms and conditions. Fro more information on Growth Vouchers see

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‘Your HR Business Partner Ltd’ provides flexible solutions to meet your people management and organisational development requirements to grow your organisation and develop your staff.