How we can help

Turn challenges into opportunities. Every problem has at least one solution.

‘Your HR Business Partner’ offers lateral thinking to find pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to suit your requirements.

Book an initial consultation to start turning your challenges into opportunities and growth.”

We can help you manage your risks and growth through one or more of the bespoke services we provide, when you need it.

  • 1-hour initial consultation – Informal and confidential discussion about the requirements that your organisation might have and the services we provide. If you wish to proceed we will agree on what you would like to focus.  If you would like a more substantial overview of your current needs so that you can prioritise accordingly you might want to consider booking an organisational health check (see below).
  • Organisational Health Check and Risk Assessment – Where you are now, where you want to be, what the barriers and pinch points are to getting where you want to be, and what the options might be to overcoming the barriers and pinch points.  If you would like to continue working with ‘Your HR Business Partner Ltd’ following the Organisational Health Check and Risk Assessment to grow your organisation we will agree priorities and strategies, and the services you require from our choice of flexible solutions.
  • HR Manager / HR Consultancy Services by the Hour and Ongoing Flexible Support – a flexible service level agreement such as an agreed number of hours per month to deal with your ongoing requirements, possibly but not necessarily following an initial more concentrated effort to deal with any back log or start up implementation.  For more information see
  • Management Support and Development – Bespoke support to suit your needs, such as confidential discussions at director level to help you decide your next step with regard to business strategy, workforce expansion / retraction, process reviews, performance issues, HR issues, business development and opportunities, coaching and mentoring.
  • Flexible, interim support and project management – Bespoke support that may last several weeks, such as covering posts whilst you are recruiting, or as part of a package of initial intensive working to bring your organisation up to speed which may be followed by ongoing flexible support (see below).
  • Project management – Management of identified projects that you would like to focus on, such as recruitment campaigns, workforce reviews, skills reviews, business development campaigns, handbook and policy development, culture change and change management.

Interested in knowing more? Contact Lykke Leszczynski, Director of Your HR Business Partner Ltd on 07475 018 057 or email for an informal discussion.