“Lykke’s broad range of experience and professional knowledge across HR, corporate services, facilities management and customer service functions provided a fantastic resource to WPF Therapy. 

She is a great organiser, able to think on her feet, and she demonstrated high levels of commitment, loyalty, resilience, discretion and sensitivity. Lykke worked hard and smart and demonstrated real talent for networking and partnership development. She is quick to learn, adaptable to change, easy to work with, fun to have around.

Lykke misses nothing – she sees how arrangements could be improved and diplomatically sets about achieving this. Why? Because she loves to do the best job she can.”

Joan Baxter, C.Psychol, CEO, WPF Therapy 2010-2013


“We had the good fortune to win 15 hours of consultation time with Lykke and although we were not sure what to expect, we have been very pleasantly surprised. After working through a very detailed questionnaire about our business, Lykke created an Organisational Healthcheck document identifying risks and suggested mitigation actions, which in itself is very helpful, but by far the most useful part of all has been the action plan, which has enabled us to prioritise the work that needs to be done and made it all seem more manageable than it first appeared. We intend to continue to meet with Lykke on a regular basis in order to ensure that we “do our homework” and keep on track with the action plan. 

Like any small business, we knew that there were things we needed to improve on with respect to our HR management and actually had not realised that, for a relatively small financial investment, expert help is available. With Lykke’s help we now have those areas that need work defined and prioritised and we now have expert support that we can call upon if and when we need it. We wholeheartedly recommend this service to any other small business who may be struggling to manage the administrative burden or understand the legal requirements with respect to HR.”

Clare and Brian Sharp, Owners of CrossFit Centres in London


“We ambitiously embarked on a new start up social enterprise but it was not until we had one of Lykke’s Organisational Helthchecks that we saw the gaps in our business. Lykke was extremely thorough in her questioning and later in spelling out what we have done right and more importantly, what we need to improve on and add if we are to be successful.

Thank you for letting us use the structure of your report in our new business plan – as we strive to do the right things. From legal requirements to health and safety and employment contracts, we are now set up to make our business professional in the area of HR and beyond.”

Paul Ryan, Co-Director Café Art


“I worked with Lykke Leszczynski for 10 years until 2010, during which I was the CEO of WPF Therapy for 5 years. (WPF rebranded in 2008 from wpf Counselling & Psychotherapy and in 2000 from Westminster Pastoral Foundation).

Lykke project managed the relocation of WPF in 2007/08 and she was also invaluable as a member of the senior team in making this move work smoothly and efficiently.

She faced difficulties calmly and thought laterally and constructively.   She worked long hours and was tireless in making sure that employees and clients were well looked after.

Lykke produced and presented financial information accurately and precisely to the senior management team and board of trustees in relation to the £4m relocation project and property investment.

She headed the HR services and efficiently managed redundancy programmes during this time, as well as successfully developed and implemented significant improvements to the HR function and internal communications.

She showed understanding of the counselling profession, using appropriate counselling skills without interfering in the professional delivery of counselling and psychotherapy in the clinic, something which is often difficult and frustrating for those who are not therapy professionals.

I also appreciated Lykke’s versatility and flexibility. She entered into crucial activities such as fund raising with energy and creativity. She was willing to participate out of hours and to make contacts and bring in people and resources to help. I knew that I could always depend on her for help and support.

Above all Lykke solved many problems across the organisation which always had to manage on a very limited budget.   She showed loyalty and concern for the wellbeing of the organisation even though it was in many ways a challenge for someone who had been accustomed to a more business-oriented atmosphere.”

Lesley Murdin, MA Oxon, MA Sydney, BPC reg. UKCP reg., CEO, WPF Therapy till 2010


“Working with Lykke was always a dynamic experience.  She found creative solutions in relation to the initiation and implementation of projects, procedures and project development.  She always had ideas on how to overcome difficulties and problems with staff and provided support and a reflective space.

She provided consistency and commitment and I was always impressed by the way she worked hard to achieve the goals that she set herself and those that she was asked to achieve.

My work was enhanced by her input, energy and creativity and she was a resourceful person to work with.”

Dr. Christine Driver D.An.Psych.


“I worked with Lykke over the course of two or three years, organising workshops for staff from local businesses. The workshops focussed on managing stress in the workplace, recognising the signs and managing depression and anxiety in co-workers, developing resilience, and other similar subjects.

Lykke always exceeds expectations and the workshops were fully booked meaning we often had to run two or three extra! She approaches subjects with sensitivity and tact, creating a supportive environment meaning workshop leaders and attendees always felt safe expressing their views.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lykke for help with organisational growth, change management and organisational redevelopment.”

Georgina Dawkins, Director, Urban Grain Consulting


“We had the privilege to work with Lykke on several events to help showcase the talent of those affected by homelessness in London. As a small start-up social enterprise, she clearly understood our needs and helped in every way she could to ensure that the events were successful through thoughtful & timely marketing, communications and promotional activities.

Her knowledge and advice on not for profit organisations were invaluable too. We look forward to building our relationship and working with her in new projects in the future.”

Paul Ryan, Director, Café Art


“My personal experience of Lykke’s heading an HR management team:

I found her to be a mature, level-headed and patient director of the service. She is approachable and willing to devote time to listen to pertinent issues, without shaming or colluding with difficulties.

I found Lykke to be effectively involved and instrumental in introducing necessary change, whilst understanding potential resistance to change, recognising facilitation of such as an achievable aim. She worked with a broad overview of the organisation, whilst also understanding the need to engage with the individual.

I have personal experience of Lykke’s mediation and conflict resolution skills which I happily know to be effective, and am appreciative of. She brought her personality, steadiness and sense of style to the work environment – which is notable now for its absence since she has moved on – and which was most tested during the relocation in a Central London setting of our entire large organisation.”

Dr Kate Clayton CPsychol AFBPsS


“I am a Finance Director with over 30 years experience in the Private, Public and Not for Profit sectors. I worked with Lykke for almost 10 years as a Trustee at WPF Therapy and found her to be a very competent and efficient business manager.

Lykke demonstrated good management skills over a number of areas including;

Human Resources; covering HR policy development, Staff Handbooks, Pensions, Disciplinary Processes, Staff Restructuring, Recruitment, Induction and Appraisal Systems.

Relocation; She led a major relocation project resulting in the design, purchase and fit out of purpose built premises for the Charity. This included managing the relocation of over 100 staff and 200 trainees, rebranding including organisational name, logo, corporate colours and practical implementation.  The project included raising over £4m finance from both mortgage and donations. 

Premises Management; She continued to manage the new building and a 250k budget with responsibility for all maintenance, IT systems, service contracts, staffing and all Health and Safety matters.

Corporate; As a member of the Senior Management Team she also took on a corporate management role dealing with marketing, external partners, attending Board meetings and contributing to general management of the organisation well beyond the confines of her job description.

I found her to be a loyal and dedicated member of staff with the ability to take on individual project responsibility but still work well as a team member. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to any organisation.”

Tony Oliva BA,FCA


“As the Deputy Executive Director at Team London Bridge BID I had the pleasure of working with Lykke on a number of community and local partnership projects over the period 2008 – 2012. Lykke was to the fore in helping integrate the staff and clients of WPF with the local community. She was active in promoting the work and philosophy of WPF and a terrific business advocate for that organisation. With Lykke’s support and passion Team London Bridge were considerably aided in delivering the innovative, creative and awarding winning Gibbons Rent secret garden in partnership with the adjacent WPF. Lykke is hardworking, dedicated, contentious and personable and would be an asset to any project, client or company with which she works.”

Shane Clarke, Deputy Executive Director at Team London Bridge BID